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Retail 17 July 2018 By Olamide

Introduction to CloudERP - ERP for All Business

Every business owner I know expresses a desperate desire for an easy to use business management system.

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News 23 June 2018 By Olamide

Surviving These Recessionary Times

It seems like every day we wake up to the news of another retail store closure.

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Information 20 May 2018 By Olamide

Alarm Bells For Organised Retail In Nigeria

The death knell for organised retail in Nigeria may have just sounded.

Accounting 20 April 2018 By Olamide

Retail Revenue Assurance

Finally you have it made, products are flying off the shelves, customers love you, your suppliers are on point..looks like you hit the lotto, cracked the holy grail of retail. But pause…”is your money complete?”